Content marketing strategy and execution that works for local business

Content marketing for local business


Let’s face it, content drives the web. Whether it’s blogs, infographics memes, funny cat videos or something else entirely, content is king.

Yes, speed, responsiveness and general website design are great too – but there’s no point sending people to your super flashy site if your content’s not up to scratch. It’ll push people away rather than sending them down the sales funnel and through your door, so you need to make sure every piece of content you produce is top-notch!

Why does your business need content marketing?

By posting high-quality and up-to-date content you’ll establish yourself as an authority both within your industry and your local area. This will help convert readers into buyers, because everybody wants to buy from an expert, whether this is a hairdresser who really knows their stuff, or a highly skilled dentist.

Content marketing is the best way to prove that you know what you’re talking about, whether you’re writing a fun piece about this season’s hottest haircuts, or an educational pamphlet about preventing gum disease.

Still not convinced that content marketing’s the way to go? Try this on for size: it’ll also give you a local SEO boost! That’s right: Google LOVES content!

What do your local customers want?

Local customers want content they can trust that also addresses all their needs at the very moment they look for it.

So really, there’s no better way than having a bank of excellent content that reaches out to your audience.

This can also be used to attract ideal buyers and new leads – especially if you add a healthy dose of local knowledge and community spirit in there too!

At Smart Local, we can do all this and more by designing a content marketing strategy tailored to your business (and your budget). We can even help you create your content from scratch.

How can we help you with content marketing?

Content marketing is a long old game, but it’s one we’ve been playing for quite a while. We know content marketing like the back of our hand, and we’re prepared to teach you all the smart tips and tricks as we go along!

We’ll have already covered your basic website content in the local SEO stage of your plan, the content marketing side is the icing on the cake. The added extras (like landing pages, white papers and blogs) that make it taste so much better for your readers.

Here’s a quick recap of what we do:

Identify your target audience

You can’t create good content unless you know who is meant to be reading it.

That’s why we’ll take a look at your existing customers and online followers (as well as anyone else who seems interested) and find patterns.

From here we’ll build audience personas and create content around them, their needs and what they want to know. Simple.

Idea generation

Coming up with ideas is tough and time-consuming work, so we’ll take that off your hands.

We’ll put forward ideas that people really want to read about, not just the stuff you personally find interesting. It’ll be based on questions asked in the industry, customer feedback, and more.

Each piece will have a local slant to emphasise your key focus audience. This is great news for your Google rankings and it will also give you opportunities to connect with the local community.

Make the content and send it out

We don’t just hand you the strategy and leave. We’ll help you make your shiny new content too!

It will all be readable and relevant for your audience – hopefully it will answer their questions before they have them! And of course, it will all be optimised for local SEO.

We’ll then share you content according to your social media strategy – encouraging others to read and share it along the way – and give it a boost to target local audiences.

So there you have it – a brief intro to how content marketing can boost your business’ reputation and bring in more leads.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, talk to our team about content marketing today!