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Digital marketing for home and garden services


How to generate more local customers for your home and garden business

Get noticed by your target customers with a little help from Smart Local

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Local digital marketing makes sure that your business can be found online by potential customers in your area.

Done well, local digital marketing will give you the online visibility you need in order to be spotted by local customers interested in the home and garden service you provide.

Our free guide will explain how you can use creative techniques to get noticed in today’s crowded marketplace and generate more leads for your business.

Who can benefit from the guide?

In a word? Everyone!

That is, everyone who wants to bring more local customers through their doors. Here are just a few businesses in the home and garden sector that have benefitted from the techniques explained in the guide:

  • Garden centres
  • Garden designers
  • Tree surgeons
  • Handymen
  • Builders
  • Plumbers
  • Removal companies

The main techniques are:

Local SEO

When a prospective customer uses a search engine to look for a local service, their query will often comprise two parts: 1) the service, and 2) the location. Even if they don’t request a location, Google will do this for them by showing them businesses in their area.

It’s crucial that your business is returned high up in the results for these queries.

Why? Because customers want the information they need to make a decision straight away in that moment, and they want you to be right on their doorstep.

There are several things you can do to optimising your business’s visibility for local search queries, such as getting your Google My Business profile in order, choosing the right keywords, adding a smart bit of geo-code and making sure your business is visible on all local directories.

Reputation management

It used to be that one customer would refer you to another, and that would be that.Now the internet is involved and you need to put your best foot forward. That’s where reputation management comes in.

You need to research, tweak and monitor all the sites you’re mentioned on, including review sites like Checkatrade and the (not-so-obvious) local forums and Facebook pages.

Remember that when it comes to Facebook, and other sites, your business can have a profile there whether you created it or not! That’s why it’s so important to monitor every online mention of your business, and be in control of any and all online profiles.

The end goal is that when someone’s searching for a top-notch business in the home and garden sector, they’ll find positive feedback about your business.

Content marketing

You may not have considered this before, but content is SUPER important to the home and garden sector.

Posting informative blogs on garden care, fun videos from the site or even just a few pics of your work will keep bringing people to your site and establish you as an an approachable, helpful local business.

It will also give you an SEO boost by helping your build your ‘long tail’ – this means you can start getting found for all the services you provide, not just the obvious ones.

Social media

Social media is THE best tool for building a local following for your business. You can interact with your local community and even show off a little about that fantastic job you’ve just done.

And, even better, it gives your customers the chance to shout about your super services!

It does require a fair bit of work – creating and scheduling posts, interacting with customers and optimising your pages – but the rewards are well worth it.

Download the free guide to discover how these techniques can bring many more customers through your doors.

Read our guide to discover how these techniques can bring many more customers through your doors