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Digital marketing for hospitality businesses


Make a splash in the world of food and drink with local digital marketing

Get found online by local customers with a little help from Smart Local

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Want to be seen online by your potential customers? You’d better get to work on your local digital marketing!

This makes sure your business is seen by the very people you’re targeting (i.e. people who can get to your premises!), and gives them a gentle nudge towards becoming customers.

Though your tasty treats might be enough to tempt some people to visit you, local digital marketing will give you that extra edge and increase your revenue.

Who can benefit from this guide?

It doesn’t matter if you sell cups of tea on the seafront or jagerbombs in the VIP section, if you’re interested in building your local customer-base, this guide can help you.

Here are just a few businesses in your industry that have already benefited from the techniques explained in the guide:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Pubs
  • Cocktail bars
  • Nightclubs

These are the key methods:

Local SEO

Your food and drink is delicious, but do people know where you are? If not, you need to make sure everyone in your local area can pull out their smartphones and find you in a flash.

This means you need to optimise your website for local search. You’ll need to select the right keywords – including your location – and make sure your pages contain geo-code so they’re crawled in full by the search engines.

You need to look outside of your own website, too. Sprucing up your online citations and Google My Business pages will ensure that you’re easy to find and provide everything your customers need to know in a couple of clicks.

The outcome? More people finding you online and deciding to visit your premises. Result!

Reputation management

Most food and drink businesses have a love/hate relationship with review sites. When you’re on top it’s great, but if one moody customer comes in your ranking can come crashing down.

You need a system that manages your reviews (and therefore your reputation) quickly, effectively and in a way that won’t put off your customers from leaving feedback.

It needs to guide the customer from start to finish, and if possible divert all bad reviews to your inbox – that way your online reputation remains in tip-top shape AND you can address any issues in private.

Our SmartReviews tool does all of this and more, but you’ll have to read our guide to discover its full potential.

As well as reviews, you need to keep an eye on your online mentions – even the ones on local forums and Facebook. Interact with comments where possible, and always aim to present the best version of your business.

All of this will encourage more people to come visit your premises, and hopefully leave their own glowing reviews for future customers to read.

Social media

Social media is THE best way to connect with your local community.

Start off by only setting up the channels that are vital to your business, then develop a social media strategy influenced by what’s happening. For example, if you’re releasing a new cocktail share it to all of your followers – you could even provide a coupon for their first drink!

You can also use social media to make connections with other local businesses and influencers, so you can start networking and making fruitful new contacts.

With a bit of training and a winning online personality, you’ll be bringing people through your doors in no time.

Discover more online marketing techniques that will get you noticed by local customers: read the free guide today!