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Digital marketing for travel and leisure


Attract customers to your travel and leisure business with local digital marketing

Get noticed online with a little help from Smart Local.

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Local digital marketing is a combination of techniques designed to make your business more visible to your target audience: i.e. people searching for travel and leisure services in your area.

Our free guide explains exactly how local digital marketing techniques work, and how you could use them to your advantage to generate more local sales for your business.

Who can benefit from this guide?

If you work in the travel and leisure sector, and want to attract customers within your area, you need local digital marketing.

Here are just a few businesses that have already benefitted from the techniques explained in this guide:

  • Hotels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Travel agents
  • Taxis and limo services
  • Car and van hire
  • Garages
  • MOT centres

The main techniques are:

Local SEO

Whether you’re looking to sell package holidays or car servicing, you need to be found by local customers. This means appearing in the search results for relevant queries.

Most people will search for their desired service and location (e.g. taxi firm in Reading). Even if they don’t specify a location, Google will show them local results anyway.

To get started, set up your Google My Business profile, complete with Google Maps reference, and then tweak all your other online citations (TripAdvisor, Trivago etc) to match it. This makes sure your information is easy to find, accurate and consistent – everything your customers want!

Then you can get to work on your website. Add in local microdata hooks or geotags; search engine crawlers will find them and flag you as a local business so you’ll pop up in relevant searches. Adjust your keyword strategy to include location-based phrases and spruce up your website a bit to make sure these phrases are used well within your content, and you’ll be set.

The result? More local people will find you online, increasing your enquiry and sales numbers.

Reputation management

Many businesses in the travel and leisure sector rely on their reputation – one wrong move and it can all come crashing down.

That’s why it’s important to manage your online reputation effectively and in a timely manner. You need a system that can alert you to not-so-nice feedback, and preferably even divert them to your inbox instead of a public forum. That way, your business’s reputation is protected AND you get to learn from your feedback – it’s a win win.

(Hint: Look at our guide for info about SmartReview – you won’t be disappointed!)

Take a look at your citations, and make sure you have a profile on all sites that are talking about your company – including Facebook and any local forums. That way, you can engage with any feedback and show prospective local customers that you’re an active and attentive business.

These, and a few other reputation management tricks and tweaks, will encourage visitors to come to your travel and leisure business over others in your area. Putting you in the top spot – that sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Learn more about how local digital marketing can help your business. Read our free guide today.