How to Generate Content Ideas Using Hashtags

How to Generate Content Ideas Using Hashtags

When you first starting blogging for your small business, you were probably bursting with ideas. Coming up with ideas for new posts took very little effort at all, and blogging seemed like the easiest thing in the world. Now that several months or years have passed, though, you may be struggling to come up with fresh, relevant ideas. If you recycle ideas from old posts, your readers will probably lose interest. It’s important to keep things new and interesting, and social media hashtags can help.

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What is a Hashtag?

If you use social media at all – and you should if you’re trying to promote a small business online – you’re likely familiar with hashtags. They are words or strings of words without spaces that are preceded by the pound sign (#), and they’re used to group social media posts into categories. By adding a hashtag to a post, you can quickly provide context for your readers and join a larger discussion. The first hashtags were used on Twitter in 2007. Since then, they’ve been embraced by practically every major social media site including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Vine, Pinterest and Tumblr. Most importantly, they’re now showing up in Google’s organic searches.

Start by Finding Relevant Hashtags

The first step to using hashtags to come up with new content ideas is by zeroing in on examples that relate to your business in some way. This is no different than creating lists of keywords that relate to your niche. If you use tags on your blog, you have a ready-made list of hashtag ideas.

Perform an Online Search

Your first instinct may be to visit each individual social media site and search for your selected hashtags. There’s a faster, easier way to do this. Just go on Google and search for your hashtag there. Make sure to put the # symbol in front of the word or string of words when performing your search. Your results will include links to the most popular social media sites, and they’ll bring you to search results for that particular hashtag. In a few minutes, you can quickly access a huge amount of content that somehow relates to your chosen hashtag.

Browse Content

You don’t have to read every single post that includes your selected hashtag. Instead, start by browsing down the list of titles to see what is out there. The list alone may be enough to give you some terrific ideas. If a post especially piques your interest, click on it and take a look.

Happy Writing!

Whether you write your own content or hire someone else to write it for you, having a list of new ideas from hashtags is sure to be quite helpful. Just make sure that the new content is completely unique, and try to give it a special twist that distinguishes it from the other post in some way. The great thing about this strategy is that you should never run out of content ideas again. When the well runs dry, just start over again.



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