Google+ Local business reviews popup showing in SERPs, just a test

Google+ Local business reviews popup showing in SERPs, just a test?

Looks like Google could be testing something new as they appear to be showing a local business reviews popup in the main search engine results. Edited This only seems to work on rather than so if you want to test it make sure you’re using the right one, especially if you’re here in the UK. Looks like the popup is now showing on as well.Just type in a local search as below and scroll down to the local results. (Click on any of the images to enlarge)

Google local reviews popup

Then click on the number of reviews for any of the listings shown, e.g. where it says “10 Google Reviews” for The Lawn Bistro. What you may well see is a lightbox popup showing all the reviews for that particular business, with a prompt for you to also leave a review if you wish. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like.

Local business reviews popup

To get back to the main results just click on the cross at the top right of the popup. Interestingly there doesn’t now appear to be any simple way to get to the businesses Google+ listing, which I don’t really understand. Even from the main local results page, all the clickable links either take you to the actual business website or again to the reviews popup.

Google local results popup


The only way you can get to a businesses Google+ listing is if it doesn’t have any reviews at all! So far I’ve had it show up for all kinds of business listings here in the UK – hotels, restaurants, dentists, plumbers, cosmetic surgeon (yeah, really) – but all searched on Big thanks to Andrew Shotland, the Local SEO Guide, who spotted it first.

Has anyone else spotted it yet?


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