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How to Google your Business – The Great British Hangout

google your businessThis is the recorded YouTube video and full transcript from a Hangout On Air covering Google My Business and what it all means to small business owners and brands. Here are the full cast and credits, followed by the video and transcript:


Hosted by: The Great British Hangout
Host: Kath Dawson of Strategy Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Bristol
Host: Peter Lunn from Cracking Media, a digital marketing services company in Bournemouth
Guests: Donna Beckett from Beckett & Co Solicitors and myself


Kath:               Good evening. Welcome to The Great British Hangout. Our topic tonight is how to Google your business. Google Maps, Google Places, Google Local, brand pages, local pages and now Google My Business. It’s very confusing which pages you need for your business. Tonight, we’re going to clarify it all. What we’d like to do tonight is get some outcomes for you guys who are watching. What we’re hoping to achieve is that you’re going to be very clear about what is the best setup for your business. We want you to be confident about what you need to do to sort it out or we want you to be reassured that you have it right because you might have it right.

Before I introduce our guests, I’d like to check in with Peter who’s my glamorous assistant this evening and he’s going to be doing the comment wrangling. Peter, how’s it going?

Peter:              Good, Kath. Thank you very much. Yeah, we’ve all been sitting here trying to keep cool I think. It’s been a very hot day. As guests we have you around the world. In fact it might be worth saying where you are in the world. If you’re in the comment stream, just tell us where you in the world. Tell us the temperatures and the weather where you are today so we got a weather check as well, so extra value from The Great British Hangout tonight. (more…)