Local SEO for a north west based vet

local seo for north west vet



Over the years this north west based veterinary practice grew from one surgery to four. This was done through the acquisition of other practices in the area. The issue was that each of these practices had different names and branding, so when it came to local directory listings (citations) things were a little messy.


Using specialist software we were able to research and analyse citations for all four vets surgeries. This helped to uncover all of the listings that held inaccurate data including old business names, wrong addresses and incorrect phone numbers.


After an initial six month campaign we had updated 92.4% of the top 100 listings to an accuracy of 97.5%. The resulting increase in local search visibility helped to contribute to revenue growth of close to 12% for the following 12 month period. This highlights the fact that a clean and accurate citation profile can lead to an increase in revenue.

Results of a citation clean up campaign