Online Marketing Services for Local Business

There are many different marketing strategies and tactics that a local business can use to attract more customers. While we specialise in delivering results driven by our online marketing services we recognise that a well rounded marketing plan will usually incorporate elements of both online and offline marketing.

It’s important to choose the right strategies for your business and not use any one tactic in isolation. Social media, for example, isn’t something that will just work for a business on its own. It needs content, research and a place to direct people. There’s little point spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a shiny new website without thinking about its purpose or how its going to attract potential customers.

All this has become increasingly important for any business wanting to attract more local customers. Over 60% of internet users now browse the web looking for local products and services at least once a month. 75% of all those searchers are using a search engine like Google, so if you’re not visible then those potential customers will go elsewhere.

There are specific marketing strategies that will make sure you’re not missing out and will help to make sure that your business is visible online. Local search marketing encompasses many of these, with a focus on local search engine optimisation and social media.