How to easily share Instagram photos to Twitter

How to easily share Instagram photos to Twitter

Share Instagram photos to Twitter

Back in December last year Instagram disabled support for Twitter cards making it slightly trickier to share Instagram photos to Twitter. What this meant was that instead of having your carefully crafted, wonderfully edited photos showing up directly in your Twitter feed, all you’d get was a link over to the image on Instagram. Here’s what a tweet now looks like direct from Instagram:

Your followers can’t view the image in your Twitter stream and it also doesn’t show up in your Twitter image gallery either.

 In the queue at wimbledon

So how can you easily share Instagram photos to Twitter?

Thanks to the genius that is IFTTT (If This Then That) and the user that originally created this recipe it’s now possible to get your Instagram photos directly back into your Twitter stream. Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to IFTTT and sign up if you don’t have an account, or simply log in if you do.
2. Click on Channels and activate both Instagram and Twitter. You’ll need to be signed in to both in order to complete this step.


IFTTT Channels

3. Go to this IFTTT recipe. The only thing you may want to change is the tag. This is ultimately what will fire the recipe to tweet your Instagram photos. If you want to tweet every photo you take then go ahead and leave twitter as the tag. If you want to be a little more selective then either choose a tag that’s appropriate e.g. flowers or just pick something that you’ll easily remember (I use #smrtlcl).

Once you’ve got your recipe all set up and ready to go, test it by taking a photo on Instagram and tagging it. You should see something like this, which has your nice Instagram shot tweeted as a Twitter photo and showing up in your Twitter gallery.

Pimms at wimbledon

Apologies for the feet, but as anyone knows, you can’t have a trip to Wimbledon without Pimm’s!

So there you have it … a nice and simple way to easily share Instagram photos to Twitter.


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