Get more online reviews for your local business with Smart Reviews

Get more reviews for your business with Smart reviews


Over 90% of us now check online reviews before visiting a local business, whether that’s a restaurant, dentist florist or accountant. It’s been proven that local online reviews can help businesses attract more local customers and the quantity of reviews on Google has been shown to improve local search rankings. Yet many businesses don’t have any strategy to help them consistently gain more positive local reviews.

Why local reviews are important for your business

Here are 5 quick reasons why local reviews are important to your business:

  1. Reviews will boost the local search visibility of your business
  2. Reviews make your business stand out from the crowd in the local search results
  3. Reviews give you valuable feedback from existing customers and help you improve your business
  4. Local reviews help to build trust from potential customers
  5. Good reviews will help to hide any bad reviews

It can be tough to get more reviews

Many businesses find it hard to generate reviews from customers and it’s usually not through a lack of trying. Not everyone has a Google account or regularly leaves reviews on Yelp or recommendations on Facebook. To get reviews your business needs to keep it simple and advise customers where they can leave reviews for you.

 Get more reviews with Smart Reviews


Introducing Smart Reviews

Now you can put your efforts on autopilot with Smart Reviews. Here’s what you get:

  • Easily accessible landing page with customised URL where you can send reviewers
  • Includes all major review sites – Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and more
  • Links to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles
  • Free QR code for use on cards, menus and marketing materials
  • Prompt for customers to contact you before they leave a negative review
  • Mobile friendly so customers can leave reviews direct from their smartphones
  • Alerts – get regular notifications of new reviews for you business

You can put the customised URL in follow up emails to clients, include it in your newsletter and even combine it with the QR code to print out some review invite cards that can be handed out to all of your customers.

Smart Reviews QR code
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Some of the sites we can help you target for reviews:

General Review Sites
Google | Yahoo | Yell | Yelp

Social Media Sites
Facebook | Twitter | Foursquare

Dining and Restaurant Review Sites
OpenTable | Zomato | Zagat

Hotel and Travel Review Sites
Tripadvisor | Fodor’s | Orbitz |Travelocity

Get started with Smart Reviews today by contacting our team.